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Klee painting reference Fairy Godmother billboard Joan Rivers

1. Michael Jackson: Pinocchio dancing.
2. Michael Jackson: When, in the beginning, the narrator is reading the book, and there is this picture of the king and queen holding the baby girl over the balcony.
3. Justin Timberlake: Sir Justin's photo frame in Fiona's bedroom.
4. Shirley Bassey: When Shrek & Donkey are wandering through the woods, the little donkey mentions that they've passed "that bush shaped like Shirley Bassey" three times.
5. Klee Painting: When Puss in Boots looks at Shrek with those really big sad eyes, that's actually sort of a back-handed tribute to the paintings of Paul Klee. Who was famous for painting waif-like children with big sad eyes.
6. The Beatles: When Shrek is making fun of the honor guard that King Harold & Queen Lillian have sent to the swamp, he refers to them (dismissively) as "Sgt. Pompous and his Fancy Pants Band." Which (of course) is a riff on the title of the Beatles' best selling LP, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."
7. Joan Rivers: Who better to host the red carpet segment of the "Shrek 2" 's Royal Ball than Miss "Can We Talk?," Joan Rivers.
8. Angelyne Billboard: That large "Fairy Godmother" billboard that the trio ride past mimics the exact look & pose of one of those Hollywood's infamous "Angelyne" advertisements. Angelyne - for those of you who don't know - is a Tinseltown legend in her own mind. A bosomy blonde who paid out a small fortune a few years back for a series of billboards. With the hope that this elaborate PR effort would somehow kick-start her career. It didn't.
9. Marylyn Monroe: Fiona’s dress goes up.
10. Prince Charles: While the Fairy Godmother sings.