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Songs & Lyrics

Donkey: "Oh and it is lovely! Just beautiful! You know, you are quite a decorator. It's amazing what you've done with such a modest budget! I like that boulder! That is a nice boulder!"
Farquaad: "Tell me! Or I'll..."
Ginger Bread Man: "No not the buttons! Not my gumdrop buttons!"
Farquaad: "All right then, I'm taking them."
Donkey: "Please don't turn me in! I'll never be stubborn again! I can change, please give me another chance!"
Lady: "Oh shut up!"
Donkey: "Blue flower, red thorns... blue flower, red thorns... blue flower, red thorns... this would be so much easier if I wasn't color blind!"
Shrek: "Why are you following me?!"
"Welcome to Duloc such a perfect town. Here we have some rules let us lay them down. Don't make waves stay in line and we'll get along fine. Duloc is a perfect place. Please keep off of the grass, shine your shoes, wipe your... face Duloc is, Duloc is, Duloc is a perfect place"
Donkey: "Wow!... let's do that again!"
Donkey: "Please! I don't want to go back there! You don't know what its like to
be considered a freak!... well, maybe you do, but that's why we gotta stick together!
You gotta let me stay please!"
Farquaad: "Run, run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the ginger bread
Donkey: "Wow! Only a true friend would be that truly honest."
Princess Fiona: "What kind of knight are you?!"
Shrek: "One of a kind."
Shrek: "Sure it's big enough... but look at the location." *laughs*
Donkey: "Oh pick me! Oh I know! I know! Me! Me!"
Princess Fiona: "You didn't slay the dragon?!"
Shrek: "It's on my to-do list, now come on!"
Princess Fiona: "You didn't slay the dragon?!"
Shrek: "It's on my to-do list, now come on!"
Donkey: "Oh wow! That was really scary! And if you don't mind me saying, if that don't work your breathe certainly will get the job done cuz you definitely need some tic-tacs or something cuz your breathe stinks!"
Donkey: "Look, you love this woman don't you?"
Shrek: "Yes..."
Donkey: "You wanna hold her?!"
Shrek: "Yes!"
Donkey: "Please her?!"
Shrek: "Yes!!!"
Donkey: "Then you got to got to try a little tenderness! The chicks love that romantic crap!"
Shrek: "Thank you very much! I'm here till Thursday! Try the veal!"
Donkey: "Don't die Shrek! And if you see a long tunnel, stay away from the light!"
Donkey: "A girl dragon! Oh sure! I mean, of course you're a girl dragon 'cause you're just reeking of feminine beauty!"